Types of Weight Loss Program

Types of Weight Loss Programs

There are 4 basic types of weight-loss program:

  • Support-Only Weight Loss Program
    Useful weight loss support and self-help programs include, Overeaters Anonymous (OA), TOPS Club, Inc (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly). These programs offer weight loss support only – no weight loss diet plans are provided. Best for people who want emotional or motivational support to lose weight, rather than diet plans.
  • Clinical, Doctor-Supervised Weight Loss Program
    This type of program is typically provided in a health-care setting, such as a hospital, by licensed health professionals, such as physicians, nurses, dietitians, and/or psychologists. Clinical weight loss programs may offer services such as nutrition education, medical care, behavior change therapy, with or without weight loss drug treatment. Best for people who are seriously overweight or obese.
  • Non-Clinical Weight Loss Program
    Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers are examples of this type of weight loss program. Some non-clinical weight loss programs require members to purchase a range of own-label weight loss foods like bars, shakes and other supplements. Such weight loss extras may add considerably to the cost of the weight loss program.