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Weight Loss Diet Tips For Cancerian Men

CANCER (21 June – 22 July)

Weight Loss Problems for Cancer Man
Weight loss can be difficult for Cancer Man who loves food and may even work in the food industry. Cancerians are extremely sensitive and can suffer from eating disorders. Cancer Man spends more time worrying about his weight than finding a weight loss diet plan that might solve the problem. Cancer Man is a great hoarder and clings to the past. This makes it difficult for him to give up the rich desserts and creamy cakes his mother fed him!

Weight Loss Strengths for Cancer Man
Cancer Man’s greatest weight loss strength is his tenacious nature. Once he starts a diet and exercise plan he keeps going until he reaches his goal. Cancer Man has several strenghts that will help him to lose weight. He is patient, well organised and very capable. All Cancerians are domesticated and their weight loss is rarely disrupted by lack of non-fattening diet foods.

Diet Advice for Cancer Man
Best Exercise for Cancer Man
Cancer Man can be described as ‘crabby’ and regular, vigorous exercise will not only help him lose weight but will also put him in a happier mood! Cancer Man is not particularly energetic. He loves anything to do with water, so rowing, sailing, swimming, surfing are all good forms of exercise.

Cancer Man is unlikely to suffer from obesity and a healthy weight loss diet plan will take care of any excess pounds. A diet plan that encourages Cancer Man to eat regular meals and snacks is best. Worry and stress can cause ulcers and other stomach problems so regular eating is important. Cancer Man is a great cook, so choose a diet plan that includes plenty of interesting recipes.

Diet Tip for Cancer Man
Use your extraordinary imagination to visualise how you are going to look and feel when you reach your weight loss goal.

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Serious Advice on Weight Loss for ALL Zodiac Types
Fad diets, unbalanced diets, diet pills, diet supplements, fasting, weight loss surgery and other short term weight loss methods are not recommended for permanent weight control. The best way to lose excess fat and maintain a healthy weight in the long term is to follow a balanced calorie-controlled diet (that improves your eating habits) and take regular aerobic exercise. An excellent option is Anne Collins Weight Loss Diet Program.