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Weight Loss Diet Tips For Pisces Women

PISCES (19 Feb – 20 Mar)

Diet Personality
A Piscean may decide to go on a weight loss diet, then immediately eat a cream cake! Pisceans say one thing one moment, then do the opposite. Idealistic Pisceans are drawn to fad diets, gimmicks and diet pills. They believe the adverts that promise ‘lose weight fast without changing your diet’. Pisceans have a sensitive system and should choose a healthy balanced diet plan and take regular exercise. They should avoid diet pills as Pisceans often react badly to drugs.

Diet Strengths
Piscean dieters are good organisers and once they decide to start a weight loss diet they plan it well. Pisceans enjoy good food so it is important to choose a varied diet with a good choice of healthy diet foods. To stick with their diet and exercise program, Pisceans should use their wonderful imagination to visualise how they want to look when they lose weight.

Weight Loss Potential
Diet Weaknesses
But making the decision to go on a weight loss diet is difficult for the indecisive Piscean. Ideally, someone else will suggest that a new diet and exercise program is a good idea! Diet support is important for Pisceans who are easily influenced and highly emotional. A critical comment can put Pisceans off their diet plan and a minor worry can drive them to bingeing.

Diet and weight loss is generally not a problem for young Pisceans. However, older Pisceans tend to gain weight easily. Pisceans should start a healthy weight loss diet and exercise plan as soon as they start putting on weight in order to prevent obesity in later years. Pisceans will lose weight fast if they stop doubting themselves and take action rather than sit on the fence!

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Serious Advice on Weight Loss for ALL Zodiac Types
Fad diets, unbalanced diets, diet pills, diet supplements, fasting, weight loss surgery and other short term weight loss methods are not recommended for permanent weight control. The best way to lose excess fat and maintain a healthy weight in the long term is to follow a balanced calorie-controlled diet (that improves your eating habits) and take regular aerobic exercise. An excellent option is Anne Collins Weight Loss Diet Program.

Weight Loss Tips for Women