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Weight Loss Diet Tips For Aquarius Men

AQUARIUS (20 Jan – 18 Feb)

Weight Loss Problems for Aquarius Man
Weight loss can be difficult for the Aquarian Man who is self-protective and does not like to reveal his feelings. His first step is to admit that he needs to lose weight! Although independent-minded, Aquarian Man enjoys being part of a group and his diet may suffer as a result of his busy social life.

Weight Loss Strengths for Aquarius Man
Aquarian Man has many positive qualities that make weight loss easy. His calm, logical mind will focus on sorting out the diet and exercise issue. Once Aquarius Man has decided to follow a weight loss program nothing will divert him!

Diet Advice for Aquarius Man
Best Exercise for Aquarius Man
Exercise is particularly important to Aquarians who are drawn to most sports. Aquarian Man often pursues unusual outdoor activities like parachuting, gliding, deep-sea fishing or surfing. For weight control, and good health Aquarian Man should continue to take regular exercise into old age.

Whether he needs to lose weight or not, following a low-fat diet is important for Aquarian Man. Aquarius and its ruling planet Uranus is associated with the circulatory system and Aquarians should adopt a healthy-heart diet from an early age. So eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and try to avoid those creamy sauces you love!

Diet Tip for Aquarius Man
Don’t diet unless you really want to! Aquarian Man is extremely successful when he is really involved in what he is doing. See your diet as a challenge and you will live up to your reputation for ‘brilliance’.

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Serious Advice on Weight Loss for ALL Zodiac Types
Fad diets, unbalanced diets, diet pills, diet supplements, fasting, weight loss surgery and other short term weight loss methods are not recommended for permanent weight control. The best way to lose excess fat and maintain a healthy weight in the long term is to follow a balanced calorie-controlled diet (that improves your eating habits) and take regular aerobic exercise. An excellent option is Anne Collins Weight Loss Diet Program.