tv weight loss

TV and Weight Control

TV Does Not Help Weight Loss

Watching TV does not help us to lose weight.

On the contrary, when we watch TV…

  • We see commercials for fattening food.
  • We continually raid the fridge for high calorie snacks.
  • We sit on our butt and strain our eyes.
  • We get fat, lazy and unfit.
  • We go to bed feeling tired and fat (and guilty).

So if you want to LOSE weight (instead of gaining weight)…

Give your body and diet a break!
Watch less TV!

Do something more diet-friendly, like:

  • Get involved in a new project – by yourself or with others.
  • Exercise with your exercise-buddy.
  • Visit/talk with your diet buddy.
  • Do something with your kids.
  • Eat a cheeseburger (whoops! Just joking!)

Successful Dieting Requires Change

In order to lose weight and stay slim, we need to change our eating habits. But ALSO we need to change our lifestyle. Watching less TV is a great new habit to develop.

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