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Avoid Trigger Foods When Dieting

Trigger Foods Keep Us Fat

Each of us has our own high calorie trigger foods.
The sort we can’t stop eating.
The sort that keep us fat.

How to Deal With Trigger Foods When Dieting

You have 2 basic options:

  • Exclude all high calorie trigger foods from your shopping list
    This is brutal but highly effective – except if you have kids.
    They don’t care about your crazy weight loss diet!
  • Buy fewer trigger foods – stock up with low-calorie extras
    Tolerate some trigger foods in the home, but focus on eating your own lower calorie snacks.

How to Stick to a Diet and Avoid Trigger Foods

Avoiding trigger foods is best achieved on a full stomach. This is still the best way to stick to your diet and lose weight. An empty stomach is asking for trouble.

For example, if you’re desperate for cake – eat a banana or a low calorie yogurt. You’ll be amazed how it calms your sweet-tooth.

But if the only alternative foods in your refrigerator are high-calorie options, you’ll binge on the cake and then the fattening ice-cream and then the high-fat popcorn and your diet will be in bits.

When this happens, most dieters freak out and quit their weight loss program altogether. They can’t cope with diet failure and the guilt of bingeing.

So, make sure you have diet-friendly options to eat when temptation strikes, or else have a diet-recovery plan to execute when you exit the binge zone!

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