Diet Tips


Suzanne works as a hair stylist.
She is 29 years old, 5 feet 4 inches tall, and weighs 150 pounds.

She has tried dieting several times, but each time something goes wrong!
So today, she is starting over. She is determined to succeed.

She has a good diet.
She’s bought all the food.
And she’s focused.

Will Suzanne succeed this time?
The answer is No.
Why not? (gulp)
Because she hasn’t changed her basic attitude to TREATS.

You see, Suzanne LOVES 2 things: Pastries and cheese.
Alas, both are fat-bombs, which is why they taste so delicious!
So sometime over the next 2-3 weeks, Suzanne will go astray.

She is going to eat a chunk of cheese, or 2-3 Danish or Bagels,
and afterwards she is going to fall into a depression and give up.

It has happened half a dozen times before and it’ll KEEP ON happening
until she changes her attitude to these foods.


Chantal is just like Suzanne.
Except Chantal’s weakness is cookies and cakes.
She ADORES them.

But Chantal has recently changed her attitude.

One morning, after seeing herself in the mirror, she decided
that slim thighs were MORE important to her than cookies and cakes.

Although Suzanne and Chantal have started dieting at the same time,
their results are going to be very different.
In 6 months time, Chantal will have lovely slim thighs.
In 6 months time, Suzanne will be starting yet another diet.


Suzanne has a very NARROW view of happiness.
Pastries and cheese mean too much to her.
It’s a very common problem but it’s disastrous for losing weight.

Chantal used to be like this. But she’s had enough.
She wants MORE than cookies and cake.

She wants to move around more easily.
She wants to have more confidence in herself.
She wants to fit into a wider range of clothes.
She wants to be more attractive to men. (Who doesn’t!)

She thinks these things will make her happier than cookies and cakes.

How do YOU feel about YOUR favorite foods?
Are they worth staying fat for?


Suppose, one night, you are asleep in bed.
Suddenly you feel a tap on your shoulder.
You wake up and there in front of you is your Fairy Godmother!

Why has she come to visit you?
Because she wants to offer you a special wish – for 1 year only.

She says you have a CHOICE.

You can eat as many of your favorite foods as you like,
for 1 year, without putting on a single pound.

You can binge on cakes, cookies, candy, cheese, burgers, pizza –
or whatever you like – and not go up a single pound!


For 1 year, you can have the perfect figure.


Which of these options would you choose?

Most of you will unhesitatingly choose Option 2.
But some of you won’t. You’ll choose Option 1.
If so, give up dieting now and do something else!

To those of you who chose ‘the perfect figure’, let me say this:

You’re pointing in the right direction!
You recognize that having a slim figure offers you more happiness
than endless fatty food.

Now all you have to do is put your desire into practice.
Not easy, I know.
But perfectly possible.


We face temptation at least once every day. Sometimes many times!

Fancy bacon or sausages for breakfast?
How about a Danish?
Or how about a doughnut or bagel?
The deli has the most delicious fried chicken, or roast beef sandwiches.
Someone at work offers us birthday cake. Go on, have some!
We fill our car with gasoline/petrol – why not have a candy bar?
We hate the idea of cooking, why not buy a Chinese takeout?
Or we microwave frozen burgers, or maybe fry some ground beef.
We watch TV and eat handfuls of full fat popcorn or cookies…….

The list of temptations is endless!


You have to be prepared for this constant choice between
(a) tasty treats and (b) being slim.

You must have your answer ready!

So when the little voice inside your head says “Go on, have one!”
Say something like this:

A doughnut? No thanks, I’d rather be slim.
I’m fed up of humping extra weight around all day.

Sausages? No thanks, I’d rather be slim.
I’d rather be able to move around more easily.

A bag of popcorn? No thanks, I’d rather be slim.
I’d rather feel good about the way I look.

Burger and fries? No thanks, I’d rather be slim.
I’d rather have more confidence.

Deep fried cheese? No thanks, I’d rather be slim.
I’d rather turn a few heads.

A candy bar? No thanks, I’d rather be slim.
I want to eat my food, not wear it.


In order to become slim, you must eat healthy foods and avoid junk.
The best way to do this, is to answer each temptation with…
“No thanks, I’d rather be slim.”

Try saying it for the next 7 days and see the difference it makes.