Diet Tips


For years, we have been brainwashed into thinking that dieting means…

Eating tiny portions
Eating lettuce
Feeling like a war criminal

Well girls, you can relax.

Dieting does NOT mean eating tiny portions.
It does NOT mean eating lettuce only.
And you do NOT have to feel like a war criminal.

I don’t have time to deal with lettuce and war crimes, this morning,
so I’m going to concentrate on the portion-issue.


Holly and Dolly are 2 ordinary middle-aged housewives.
They enjoy similar foods and eat similar meals but Holly is getting fat,
while Dolly is as slim as ever.

To see why, let’s take a closer look at one of their favorite meals.


Both Holly and Dolly LOVE burger and fries.
They eat it once a week.

HOLLY is very set in her ways.
She fries one standard 4oz beef pattie/burger, and
microwaves 6oz of french fries.

Calorie & Fat Contents
Burger: 400 calories & 22 grams of fat.
Fries: 340 calories & 17 grams of fat.

So in total, HOLLY eats 740 calories and 39 grams of fat.

DOLLY is less set in her ways.
She loves eating burger and fries, but she hates wearing it!

So she buys 4oz lean steak from her butcher and asks him to grind/mince it.
Then she makes it into a burger and fries it without fat in a non-stick pan.

Instead of buying commercial fries, she peels 6oz potatoes and cuts them
into fries-size pieces, then bakes them in the oven without fat.

Calorie & Fat Contents
Burger: 200 calories & 8 grams of fat.
Fries: 132 calories & 0 grams of fat.

So in total, DOLLY eats 332 calories and 8 grams of fat.

[If she used one squirt of fat spray on her oven-baked fries, it would add
an extra 1 calorie and 0.1 grams of fat]


After 12 months of eating burger and fries, once a week…

HOLLY has consumed 38,480 calories and 2,028 grams of fat.
DOLLY has consumed 17,264 calories and 416 grams of fat.

So HOLLY has eaten 21,216 extra calories & 1,612 extra grams of fat.

[This is the equivalent of 6 pounds of extra weight]


Q. Has Holly eaten more food?
A. No. Both she and Dolly ate 4oz of meat and 6oz of potatoes, per meal.

However, Holly did eat a lot more FAT.
And this extra 1,612 grams of fat contains a significant proportion of
saturated fat, which is not very kind to Holly’s heart.

This might not affect Holly, because women tend to suffer from heart disease
at a later stage in their lives than men. But it might affect Holly’s
Who usually eats 2 burgers!

True, he shows no symptoms of heart disease, but 57% of men who die
suddenly from heart disease have NO PREVIOUS SYMPTOMS.


Holly believes in spending the least amount of time cooking.
Dolly doesn’t like cooking either, but is prepared to cook when necessary.

Holly’s preparation time for the meal I described, was minimal.

But Dolly had to spend extra time making burgers for everyone.
She also had to peel 24 ounces of potatoes (6oz per four people).

This is how much longer Dolly took:
(a) Making burgers – 10 minutes.
(b) Peeling & chopping potatoes – 10 minutes.

So Dolly spent an extra 20 minutes cooking.


Dieting doesn’t mean eating less.
It means eating differently.

This may involve you spending a little extra time.

HOLLY is too set in her ways to appreciate this.
So she carries on as usual (and gets fat)

DOLLY is not set in her ways.
So she is happy to make a few small changes (and stays slim)

What sort of a person are YOU?
A Holly or a Dolly?