Diet Tips


Is it eating fewer calories? Is it taking more exercise? Is it a matter of eating less fat or less sugar? No. It is none of these things.

The real secret to losing weight is believing that you can DO it.

You can try all the diets and weight loss programs you like, but if, in your heart of hearts, you do not believe that you can lose weight, you never will. And even if you do, it won’t be long before you regain it.

For example, you probably know several people who have been dieting on and off for years. By now, they know exactly what foods make them fat and yet they never manage to stay off them for long. Why not? Because in their heart of hearts, they lack confidence in themselves. Although they want to lose weight, they do not think they can.

Result? Every year they get a little heavier.

Or, take people who are seriously overweight. Every so often, their doctor puts them on a diet, but they never stick to it for long. Why not? Because deep down they do not think they are meant to be slim.

Result? Despite increasing discomfort, they get heavier and heavier.

As you can see, these slimmers are caught in a terrible trap. On the one hand, they desperately want to lose weight. On the other, they do not believe they can – they genuinely believe they are doomed to be fat. No matter what diet they try, they expect to fail and so they do. And each time they fail, they lose a little more confidence in their ability to change.

How can you avoid this trap, or how do you escape from it?
Answer: By believing in your ability to lose weight!

For example, you must stop thinking of yourself as naturally fat. NO ONE is naturally fat – not me, not you, not even the Pope. We may each have a different shape, different sized bones and different genes, but no one is doomed to be fat. We are no more compelled to be fat than we are to wear a banana in our ear!

You may be overweight at the moment, in fact you may have been overweight for years, but this does not mean you have to stay overweight. Everyone has the power inside them to do it, and that includes you.

The problem is… many people still cling to the idea that losing weight requires superhuman willpower. This is simply not true. The truth is, losing weight is quite easy. All you need is faith in your ability to do it. The rest is a matter of time. So, don’t let your previous failures put you off. Instead, start having a little faith in yourself – you will be amazed at the difference it makes.