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Diet Advice for Teenagers

Diet Advice for Teenagers

  • Forget about low-calorie diets.
  • Forget about diet pills.
  • Forget about all the stupid single-food type diets.
  • Forget about fad diets.
  • Forget about fat-burners.
  • Forget about fasting.
  • Forget about fast weight loss.

None of these things work. They simply waste your precious time.

If someone had invented a foolproof, quick-fix diet method, then we’d all know about it, believe me.


Americans spend $30 billion a year on diet programs, diet pills and other weight loss products. (In Britain, the figure is £2 billion.)


An estimated $6 billion of this spending on weight loss products is spent on products that don’t work.


According to a recent study, the average American child sees 10,000 ads each year on TV. 95 percent of these ads are for 4 types of food: fast food, soft drinks, sugar-coated cereals and soft drinks.

My Diet Advice to Teenagers

  • Don’t believe everything you hear about weight loss
  • In particular, ignore everything you hear about fast weight loss.
  • Don’t worry about your weight – instead focus on eating healthily.
  • Talk to your folks about food and nutrition.
  • Surf this site for information on weight loss, diet and nutrition.

A Healthy Diet with Lots of Tips
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