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Tai Chi
Guide To Resources & Links About T’ai chi chu’an Exercise

Tai Chi

T’ai chi chu’an – usually abbreviated to Tai Chi is a centuries old Chinese fitness discipline and moving meditation. Tai exercise incorporates a series of bending, stretching, twisting and breathing patterns that use movement and stillness to create body awareness and calm internal energy. Tai Chi is a great way to relax, sharpen your focus and increase certain fitness attributes.

Tai Chi is a low-impact, low intensity activity, especially beneficial for older adults and those recovering from injury. Tai Chi exercises consist of a set of forms. Each form consists of a series of positions that are strung together in one continuous movement.

Tai Chi workouts are not aerobic and do not burn a large number of calories. Their fitness benefits include: increased balance, reduced stress, better concentration, circulation and posture.

City Tai Chi for Health, Relaxation & Stress Relief.

Better balance, improved breathing, increased focus and concentration, more energy and life! It’s easy!

Indonesian Tai Chi
Manipulation unique breathing techniqe to awake your inner power for self defense,healing and health.

Tai Chi & Health Site
Enables you to learn Tai Chi for health from China.

Tai Chi Health Institute
Online resource center for Taoist Tai Chi/Chi Kung.

Tai Chi for Seniors
Designed for seniors, this video is for anyone interested in Tai Chi.