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Develop Lean/Slim Thighs

Questions about Slim Thighs

Q. My thighs are really fat but no matter what I do it doesn’t seem to make any difference. What can I do?

A. Losing fat from your thighs is no harder or easier than losing it from any other part of your body. It doesn’t matter whether the fat is on your hips, thighs, tummy, neck, arms or knees, the best solution is to follow a healthy, low-fat diet. Do this, take regular exercise and every last lumpy little bit of fat will vanish into thin air. Trust me. I’ve had a LOT of experience with fat thighs.

 I’m only 140 pounds (i.e. 5 pounds overweight for my height) but while my top half is slim, my thighs are a disaster. What can I do, in order to be slim all over?

A. Like I say above, your best solution is a healthy, low-fat diet plus regular exercise. Losing weight off your thighs is no different to losing weight off other parts of the body. But WHEREVER YOUR FAT IS, the nearer you are to your ideal weight the harder it is to shift.

Q. I’m not overweight at all, I eat quite sensibly, I take fairly regular exercise, but my thighs are STILL much too fat. What can I do?

A. Keep doing what you’re doing already WITH ONE SMALL CHANGE. Keep a close eye on the amount of fat you eat. Eat no more than 25-30 grams of fat, per day, and fill up whenever possible with starchy carbohydrates, like wholegrain bread, potatoes, beans, wholegrain cereal, brown rice, vegetables and fruit. This should do the trick.

Example 1
My husband had a medium-sized roll of fat around his lower back which he couldn’t get rid of. He wasn’t overweight, so I put him on a strict low-fat regime and his fat disappeared completely, within 3 months. The trick is to retrain yourself to follow a low-fat diet and follow it long enough.

Example 2
I had a 27 year old young woman with a huge butt come to me last year to lose weight. Her butt had been big ever since she could remember – it was just like her mothers – and although she’d tried to shift it for years – it simply wouldn’t budge. I told her to relax, follow my diet and every last inch of it would disappear. And it did. Now, 6 months later, her bum is a perfect little peach and recently she confessed to me that she stands naked in front of the mirror, just admiring it!

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you must have fat hips & thighs just because your mother or your aunt has them. You may have inherited their bone structure but your fat is your own! To get rid of it, simply follow my brilliant diet and your fat thighs will gradually turn into slim thighs and your pumpkin-sized butt will turn into a peach.