slim thighs exercises

Exercise to Develop Lean/Slim Thighs


Exercise and Weight Loss

1. Exercise is vital for a healthy lifestyle
If you don’t exercise, you are likely to have an unhealthy lifestyle. Result? As well as developing a weight problem and a ‘shape’ problem, you run an increased risk of developing several nasty diseases in later life.

2. Exercise is NOT a quick-fix solution to a weight problem
In my experience of treating thousands of slimmers, I have not found any evidence to suggest that exercise is an effective solution to weight loss. Yes, it helps to improve the long term work-rate of the body, which can assist weight maintenance in the long run. Yes, it helps to re-shape parts of the body. But it won’t cure your weight problem. Only sensible dieting can do this. In addition, over-exercising may actually lead to weight gain and can be dangerous.

3. A balanced approach is best

In order to get the most out of exercise, I recommend that you make it a regular part of your life without going mad about it. Don’t walk your butt off and expect to lose weight. Don’t try to be an Olympic athlete in the gym and expect to turn your fat thighs into slim thighs, because it won’t happen.

  • Be aware of your personal physical limitations

  • If you’re unfit, or worried about your health, get professional advice before starting

  • Make a realistic personal exercise plan for yourself

  • Make a plan which you can accomplish without too much inconvenience or effort

  • Take things one step at a time and aim to gradually improve your overall fitness

  • Never over-exercise or strain yourself. Too little is better than too much


General Exercise for Fat Thighs

General exercises for slimmer hips, thighs & butt

  • Aerobic Exercise Classes
    Join a local aerobics class. Excellent exercise to help you slim thighs

  • Skipping
    Buy a skipping rope and skip for 10 minutes, 3-4 times a week

  • Swimming
    All swimming is good. Even better is swimming on your back, using your legs only

  • Brisk Walking
    Find a friend and go for regular, fast walks (20-30 mins each), 3-4 times a week

  • Exercise Bike
    But instead of sitting on the saddle, stand up and pedal as fast as you can


Specific Exercises for Slimmer Thighs

To exercise the back of your thighs

  • Stand with feet apart.

  • Bend forward from the waist.

  • Reach to your right with both hands and clasp your ankle with both hands.

  • Push your upper body downwards towards the floor.

  • Count to 20.

  • Return to start position and repeat exercise on the left-hand side.

To Exercise the Front of your Thighs

  • Kneel upright on the floor, with knees together.
  • Lean backwards and clasp your right ankle with your left hand.
  • Do not sit on your ankles – that’s cheating!
  • Hold this position for a count of 20.
  • Return to start position and repeat exercise on the left-hand side.

To Exercise the Inside of your Thighs

  • Sit down on the floor in front of an ordinary straight back chair.
  • Stretch your legs straight out in front of you, with your feet on either side of the chair.
  • Keeping your back straight and place your palms on the floor on either side of you.
  • Clasp the legs of the chair with the soles of your feet as though trying to push both chair legs together.
  • Press hard and hold for a count of 50.

To Exercise Thighs & Butt

  • Stand with feet apart, toes pointed outwards, and hands on the outside of your thighs.
  • Keeping your back straight, at right-angles to the floor, bend knees and allow your hands to slide down your thighs until they reach your knees. (Keep back straight!)
  • Hold your knees for a count of 5, then slowly return to start position.
  • Repeat 10-20 times.




  • Stand with feet slightly apart.
  • Stretch your arms straight out ahead of you.
  • Slowly bend your knees, until your thighs are roughly parallel with the floor.
  • Slowly raise yourself back to the starting position
  • The slower you do this, the better.
  • Start with 10 real slow ones.
  • But please don’t strain yourself. Go at your own pace.


After-exercise Stretching

To avoid bulky muscles, always stretch the area you have exercised, afterwards


  • Sit on the floor with legs apart and stretched out in front of you

  • Reach upwards with both arms

  • Then reach forwards and try to clasp your right ankle. As you do so, push your upper body towards the floor

  • Hold the position for a count of 20

  • Repeat with left ankle