slim thighs cases

Slim/Lean Thighs – Case Histories

Case History No.1
The story of Abigail
How to lose weight off your thighs

Abi came to me in desperation. She was getting married in 5 months time and nothing fitted! Her dream was to wear a straight, slim-fitted dress and she needed to lose a good 40 pounds (3 stone) and drop at least 2 dress sizes. Even more important, she desperately wanted to lose her fat thighs. “I don’t want to have thunder thighs on my wedding day.” she said.

I told her to relax. As long as she followed my diet exactly, her thighs would be beautifully slim for the big day. I could see she was doubtful, but she told me she’d have a go.

She started well. She followed the diet exactly and within 8 weeks she lost 20 pounds. Some of this fat was off her thighs, but she still had quite a lot more to lose. I could see she was a bit disappointed by this, so I told her not to worry. Everything was going according to plan, so as long as she stuck with it, her thighs would be fine for the big day.

In week 9, I gave her some simple daily exercises to do, and told to take a 30 minute walk each morning or evening. In week 9-16, she lost a further 15 pounds and her thighs were starting to look much better.

The final stretch was the most nerve-wracking. Her thighs were definitely improving but they still had some way to go and she still couldn’t fit into her wedding dress! However, she didn’t panic or try to starve herself slim. She kept her cool and continued with the program.

Result? By week 22, she was 42 pounds lighter, her thighs and butt were ‘perfect’ and her dress fitted her beautifully. She could hardly believe the difference the last 7 pounds made to her shape.

Why did Abi succeed? Because she kept her head and didn’t get impatient
In my experience, the real problem about losing weight from a specific area, like hips/thighs/butt, is that we tend to blow hot and cold over the ‘problem area’ and don’t stick with our plan long enough to sort it out. We panic or try and starve ourselves and we end up even fatter than before.

My diet program is good for all weight loss, especially for anyone with fat thighs. However, it won’t lose weight FOR you. You must follow it properly, otherwise you’re wasting your time.
Abi followed it exactly and succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. You can too.



Case History No.2
The story of Rosemary
Impatience keeps us fat


Rosemary came to me as the result of a friend’s recommendation. She was 32 years old, 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighed 190 pounds (nearly 14 stone), so she was about 50 pounds overweight. She was single, with no children, and her dearest wish was to do something about her fat thighs. I explained my diet to her and arranged for her to come back to me on a weekly basis.

At first, she made rapid progress. Within 6 weeks she lost 15 pounds and felt wonderful. However, as is usually the case, more of this early weight loss was from her top half, not her bottom half. So even though her hips and thighs were shrinking, Rosemary felt she wasn’t making progress fast enough.

Weeks 7-12 were less productive. Rosemary began to get careless. She didn’t follow the diet properly and her weight loss slowed. She had 2 bad weeks and was lucky to lose a total of 10 pounds during the period. I explained carefully where she was going wrong, but Rosemary was beginning to lose it. Things weren’t happening fast enough for her. “I’ll never be slim,”  she said.

She carried on for another fortnight and then telephoned to say she was going away on holiday. I never heard from her again. A year later, I met her and she looked well in excess of  220 pounds. Poor old Rosemary.

Why did Rosemary fail? Lack of patience!
Although she started well, Rosemary (like many dieters) didn’t have the patience to deal with her weight problem.

For example, if you are 50 pounds overweight, it’s going to take you at least 6 months to get down to normal. I say ‘6 months’ because you are certain to have several bad weeks along the way. So if you can’t wait this long for things to happen, you’re going to end up like Rosemary – fatter than ever.

Patience is very very important if you want to lose weight off your hips, thighs and butt.
Because any fat which  has accumulated (over the years) on your bottom half, is not easy to shift. Exercise won’t shift it – only sensible low-fat eating will. But it takes time, so you need patience. Without it, you’re wasting your time!


Case History No.3
The story of Michelle
Impatience keeps you fat

When Michelle came to see me, she didn’t really have a weight problem. She was 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighed 145 pounds, which was just about okay for her height. And she took regular exercise and her diet was fairly healthy.

Her only weakness was her shape. Her top half was fine, but her thighs and butt were disastrous!

She said to me: “I’m doing everything right, but my thighs and butt are horrible. I’m going on holiday in 5 weeks time and I look terrible in my bikini! What can I do?”

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure. I needed more information. So I asked her to keep a food-diary for a week so we could identify what she was eating and how much of this was fat.

The point is, the higher the fat-content of our diet, the more fat we may deposit on our hips, thighs and butt. Sure enough, when I saw her food-diary, it was clear she was eating too much fat. Although her calorie-intake was reasonable, too many of her calories were coming from fat. So I put on her on my diet and told her to follow it EXACTLY. I told her if she followed it exactly, her thighs and butt would soon show a difference.

For two weeks, Michelle did everything right. She lost 4 pounds in weight and an inch off her thighs and couldn’t believe how much better her jeans fitted. “Wow! This is fantastic” She said. “Two more weeks should do it.”

I told her not to get carried away – it would take MONTHS not weeks to change her shape, but she wasn’t listening. Over the next two weeks she lost another 2 pounds but (not surprisingly) her fat thighs didn’t disappear as fast as she hoped! She went off on holiday depressed and uncertain. I thought I’d seen the last of her!

However, much to my surprise, as soon as her holiday was over, Michelle came back to see me. Despite her disappointment, she was determined to keep going. Over the next month, she lost only 3 pounds on the scales but because her top half had almost no fat left to shed, these 3 pounds came directly off her thighs. Everyone remarked on how much weight she had lost and couldn’t believe it when she said it was only 7 pounds.

Over the next three months, Michelle continued to follow the diet exactly, continued exercising and the inches gradually disappeared. She bought a new, smaller pair of jeans and before long (instead of wearing shirts over her jeans) she was wearing what she always wanted to – a little short top that showed off her tiny waist, slim hips and peachy bum!

It took Michelle nearly five months to get everything right. She lost only 12 pounds, but in the process she transformed her shape and ended up with a beautiful butt and a pair of wonderful slim thighs.

On her final visit, she told me: “If I had known at the beginning it would take me this long I’d probably never have started, I was so impatient. But now I’ve done it, I’m so glad I persevered. When I think of all the time I wasted, I only wish I’d had the sense to do this sooner.”

Don’t waste precious time and energy worrying about your fat thighs, or fat butt or fat stomach – make up your mind to change them and don’t stop until you’ve finished. Above all, don’t bother searching for quick-fix solutions. They WASTE TIME and they DON’T work.