slim hips

Slim Hips

Slim Hips

Each of us has a slightly different body shape because of our differing bone structure. So some of us have slim hips, others not-so-slim hips!

However, quite often it’s not our bones that stop our hips from being slim – it’s the excess fat on them! In this case, if we want slim hips we need to develop two important habits. We need to eat fewer calories (calories-in) and burn more calories (calories-out).

Incidentally diet supplements or pills won’t help you get slim hips because they don’t help us develop better eating or exercise habits.

ExampleGet Slim Hips by Eliminating a Bad Weekly Habit

2 vanilla cream sandwich cookies contain 220 calories.
It is not an ideal food if you want slim hips.

By NOT eating these cookies, once a week, you save about 11,440 calories, per year.

This is the equivalent of 3.25 pounds of weight.

An Ideal Diet to Help You Get Slim Hips

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