skip meals

Don’t Skip Meals

Don’t Skip Meals

Why not? Because you’ll get hungry.
Result? Hunger will crush your willpower to lose weight.
And you’ll binge on cookies!

Eat Regularly Throughout the Day

Don’t go too long without food and don’t skip meals. Ideally, to maintain optimum metabolism, women should eat something about every 3 hours. Men should eat at least every 4-5 hours.

Point is, eating regularly reassures your body that food is plentiful. This encourages your body to burn calories.

Dieting Does Not Mean Eating Tiny Amounts of Food

Many dieters believe dieting means eating tiny amounts of food. But this simply alarms your body and slows your metabolism. Result? Weight loss slows. And this is why so many dieters quit dieting and stay overweight. A sensible healthy diet should provide at least 1200 calories.

A Healthy Diet with Lots of Tips
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