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The Real Secret of Weight Loss

The Real Secret of Weight Loss

Eat good food and get active!

This is the real secret of weight loss.

Good Food for Lasting Weight Loss

I don’t mean “diet food”.
I don’t mean “lentil soup” and “bran”.
I mean ordinary, good food.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, beans, wholegrain cereal, whole wheat bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, LEAN meat, LOW FAT dairy food, small amounts of unsalted nuts & seeds, very small amounts of unrefined oils.

The Secret of Weight Loss is Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is the basis of lasting weight loss. Remember: in order to lose weight our body and our metabolism needs to be working efficiently. And optimum efficiency requires nutritious food.

Calories are important as well. In fact, no matter how nutritious your diet, it won’t help you lose weight if it is too high in calories.

But, like nutrition, calories are only part of the story. A low-calorie diet of junk food will not maintain the efficiency of your body or metabolism. Result? Before long weight loss will slow down and your health will suffer.

For healthy, lasting weight loss, the secret is to choose a calorie controlled nutritious diet which offers slow, steady weight loss to help you change your eating habits over the long term. Such a diet should help you to lose about 100 pounds in a year.

A Healthy Diet with Lots of Tips
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