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Cellulite and Toxins

Reduce Cellulite By Reducing Build Up of Toxins and Waste

Many experts consider the root cause of cellulite to be a build up of toxins and waste products in areas of the body like thighs and butt. Whether true or not, it seems that reducing toxins does help to relieve symptoms of cellulite.

A diet rich in ‘fluid-flushing’ vegetables and herbs like celery, cucumber, fennel and parsley, will also help.
Drinking 8 glasses of water a day can help cellulite by flushing fluid and toxins from tissues.

A good anti-cellulite drink is an 8 fl oz glass of carrot juice mixed with 4 fl oz of celery and apple juice.

These are good foods to include in your diet even if you are one of the lucky 10 per cent who don’t have cellulite!

At the same time, modify your diet and reduce your intake of the following foods:

  • Caffeine, from coffee and soft drinks
  • Alcohol
  • High salt foods
  • Chocolate
  • High sugar foods, sweets, regular soft drinks

Anne Collins Weight Loss Diet Program
My program won’t cure cellulite. It will however help you to develop healthy, long term eating habits that will help you reduce fat and lose weight. Losing weight is still considered to be of assistance in reducing cellulite.