reduce fat thighs

Reduce Fat Thighs – The Truth

Reducing Fat Thighs

According to most weight loss surveys, a regular 80 percent of women aged 25-50 think their thighs and butt are too fat.

No wonder we are so vulnerable to weight loss products that claim to be able to reduce fat on our lower half. Unfortunately, most of the claims made by these weight loss products are without foundation.

Weight Loss Claim

You can reduce the fat on your thighs by eating certain foods.
Verdict: FALSE. No food burns fat in this way.

Weight Loss Claim
You can reduce the fat on your thighs by doing certain exercises.
Verdict: FALSE. Exercise can’t reduce fat.

Weight Loss Claim
There’s a quick way of reducing fat on your thighs or butt.
Verdict: FALSE. Reducing fat on our thighs (especially female thighs) is a slow process.

Weight Loss Claim
You can buy a ‘fat-burning’ diet pill or supplement which will burn fat from your thighs.
Verdict: FALSE. No such diet pill exists.

Weight Loss Truth
The only way to reduce fat on your thighs or butt, is:

1. Follow a calorie-controlled diet (preferably a low fat diet)
2. Take regular exercise.
3. Be patient. The fat WILL eventually disappear. But it takes time.

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