reduce fat dining out

Q. Even though I am on a diet, my job involves a lot of dining out, which (I know) is bad for weight loss. Any suggestions?

A. It is definitely more difficult to reduce your calories when you eat out regularly.

To reduce fat and lose weight while eating restaurant food, you have to become a fat detective!

(1) Choose fish whenever possible.
Here are a few suggestions which will help to reduce your fat intake and control your weight:

(2) Avoid anything described as Large, Super, Double, Grande, Jumbo, King size, Combo. Instead, choose Regular, Petite, Luncheon, Salad size.

(3) Avoid anything described as Breaded, Batter-dipped, Creamy, Deep-fried, Sauteed, Buttery, Crispy, Au gratin, Mornay, Alfredo, A la king, De luxe. Instead choose Baked, Broiled, Steamed, Charbroiled, Barbacued, Broth, Au Jus, Tomato-based.

(4) Ask for all sauces to be served “on the side”.

(5) Fill up on veggies and salad (but watch out for fatty add-ons like oily dressings, butter, mayonnaise). Ideally, stick to plain vegetables and green salads.

(6) For dessert, choose fruit.

Diet Advice
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