questions about weight loss

Questions About Weight Loss

Dieting Quiz: 20 Questions

Take 5 minutes to answer these 20 questions about dieting and losing weight. It should give you an indication of how likely you are to achieve your weight loss goals. If nothing else, it’s a fun way to learn about dieting.

Simply answer (a) (b) (c) (d) or (e) to each question. Don’t think too hard about, just make a note of your first instinctive response. Then add up your points.

1. Do you have a good personal incentive to lose weight?
(a) YES (b) NOT SURE (c) NO

2. Are you happy to lose an average of 1.5 to 2 pounds per week?
(a) YES (b) MAYBE (c) NO

3. Are you easily distracted by commercials (or friends) who tell you about “quick” ways to lose weight?

4. When dieting, do you aim to be “perfect”?
(a) NO (b) SOMETIMES (c) YES

5. Are you aiming for a specific weight?
(a) NO (b) NOT SURE (c) YES

6. Do you expect to have “bad weeks”?

7. When dieting, how often do you weigh yourself?

8. How important is breakfast to you?
(a) It depends how much time I have
(b) Very important
(c) I prefer to save my calories for later in the day

9. Which statement do you most agree with?
(a) The less I eat, the faster I will lose weight
(b) I’ll be okay as long as I stay within my calorie limit
(c) I’m aiming for a calorie limit, but if I’m extra hungry, I’ll eat more

10. Have you got a specific plan for when you have a “bad week”?
(a) NO (b) NOT SURE (c) YES

11. How willing are you to make time for exercise?

(a) Only if it fits my schedule
(b) I’ll give it a try
(c) Very willing

12. When dieting how long do you go without eating something?
(a) Up to 3 hours
(b) About 4 hours
(c) Longer than 4 hours

13. How do you feel after (say) a disastrous weekend of overeating?
(a) Terrible, guilt-ridden, complete failure (sob)
(b) Hmm. That was much more fun than dieting!
(c) I may have lost a week, but I’m back on the wagon – what’s the rush?

14. Why are you trying to lose weight?
(a) To please my partner
(b) To improve my health
(c) To achieve a personal goal
(d) My doctor told me to
(e) To annoy my mother-in-law

15. Before dieting, do you take measurements of your chest, waist, hips, arms and thighs?
(a) Yes (b) Sometimes (c) Never

16. What do you do when you feel hungry after eating your daily food allowance?
(a) Eat a box of cookies
(b) Eat something to fill you up
(c) Use willpower to ignore your hunger

17. Which statement do you most agree with?
(a) Losing weight is all about willpower
(b) Losing weight is all about self-respect
(c) Losing weight is all about controlling calories

18. How do you feel when you start a new diet program?
(a) I plan to learn from my mistakes and keep going as long as it takes
(b) This time I’m definitely going to do it, no matter what it takes
(c) I’m not going to fail again. This time I’m going to do everything right.

19. When dieting, how do you feel when you see others eating your favorite foods?
(a) Terrible – I’m envious and I want it
(b) Not good. I always miss my favorite foods
(c) Okay, as long as my stomach is full
(d) Okay, I can handle it because I want something better

20. Being realistic, how likely are you to achieve your weight loss goal?
(a) If I’m truly honest I don’t think I will ever make it
(b) My chances are 50:50
(c) I have a good incentive and lots of support, so I’m quietly confident
(d) All my family are overweight, so I think it’s going to be difficult
(e) Despite many failures, I’m totally confident I’ll succeed this time.