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Anne Collins Weight Loss Program

What People Say About My Program

Note: Here are just a tiny few of the tens of thousands of email messages and comments I’ve received from Members of my weight loss diet program. To preserve privacy, some identifying names have been changed.

Dear Anne,
“I’m writing to thank you for your wonderful weight loss program and your unbelievably caring support… I’ve lost 62 pounds but much more important – I’ve regained all my confidence…..You have literally changed my life… As I write this, my eyes are filling up with tears. How can I thank you?…” Louise B.

Thought you might like to know I achieved my 60 pound weight loss target today! My husband’s email is offline right now, so I wanted to share the good news with someone!! I think your GI Diet is just A-mazing, and your weight loss forum is AWWSOME!!… Your care and support has made all the difference…. I know at 169 pounds I still have more weight to lose, but I’m gonna go for it and see if I can break the 150 barrier – can’t believe I’m even saying this – 150!

VC (Maryland)

Happy days!! This morning I was weighed by my doctor who was “stunned” to see that I had dropped from 212 to 179 in three months. He quizzed me about what I was doing and I told him about your GI diet and your super forum – boy, was he impressed! The sweetest thing is that usually he is so snappy but today he was so nice… Thanks so much for your help and support over the past few months. It’s SUCH a reassurance to know you’re always there and that I can visit your forum for help when things go wrong…

OP (New Jersey)

…I’m changing my life because of you!! I’m down 41 pounds already but its my attitude I’m really impressed with (my husband too!). Reading the posts on your forum has definitely taught me a new way of thinking – like it’s okay to have a bad day and stuff. Usually I am so tense when dieting but now I am so relaxed…. My husband says I must never stop doing what you tell me!!

Phil (Arizona)

Joining your weight loss program was the best $20 we ever spent, I have lost 50 pounds and my wife has lost 100 pounds! Everyone wants to know what diet we’re on. My wife has even been asked a couple of times if she has had gastric bypass. We are quick to tell them, just order your program, follow it, and exercise. We feel better, look younger, and have a lot more energy! So, thank you for helping make it so easy. I have attached before and after pic’s of my wife (Aug 2003-July 2004).
MP (Alabama)

Hi Anne,
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful web site. I recently completed a 10 week diet sponsored by my work place. With the help of your low carb diet I was able to lose 24 pounds over the 10 week period…. Once again, thanks, I have never felt so wonderful and I think your customer service is awesome.
Shelley B (NY)

…my doctor called me personally at work to tell me that I won’t have to take cholesterol meds. My LDL was 164. It is now 104! I really feel like my body is ready to let go of the fat and maybe it won’t be so hard from now on. Thanks Anne for not letting me give up!
Connie (Alabama)