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Pictures of Members Who Have Lost Weight

Jackie is 49, from the UK and lost 28 pounds in 4.5 months to reach her goal weight of 126 pounds.

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“At 49, having already increased my dress size twice and about to go up a third time, I decided it was time to take control! So I joined Anne Collins weight loss program. I didn’t want to spend a fortune and I wanted a “sensible” diet program – no fad diets or “miracle” cures. I wanted to lose weight, but above all, I wanted to learn how to keep it off. I also knew that I would need plenty of support from like-minded people, and not just on a weekly basis. I needed that support to be available at the click of a mouse, as my spare time was very limited.”

“I lost 28 pounds in 4½ months. I can honestly say that I never even considered giving up. The support from the other forum members, and from Anne herself, was incredible, and constant – day or night! I could not have asked for more.”

“I found an eating plan that really suited me (the GI Diet) and actually looked forward to my meals each day! Of course there were good days and bad days, but I learnt how to cope and move on each time, thanks to all my new diet buddies. I have maintained my ideal range for 5 months, and I am absolutely sure that I will not regain those pounds ever again.”

“I am SO glad I found Anne Collins. She is so real, so caring and her weight loss community is truly unbelievable.”