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Party Finger Food When Dieting

Party Finger Food When Dieting

When going to a party, be prepared for temptation. Party finger food is fun, usually very fattening and always tempting. So if you are trying to lose weight, don’t arrive with an empty stomach and your tongue hanging out! This is a recipe for a weight loss disaster.

My Advice on Party Finger Food

Here are a few suggestions for how to eat party food without blowing your diet, feeding your thighs or feeling too conspicuous.

  • Eat something before you arrive
    Nothing makes it easier to say “No thanks” than a full stomach.
  • Look for the vegetables or fruit
    They may be covered in fat, but they won’t be as high calorie as the cheese or the meat.
  • Don’t be bullied into piling your plate
    I mean why stay overweight to please others?
  • Don’t stand near the food
    This is inviting high calorie foods to jump into your mouth.
  • Dump the fatty food rather than eat it
    Even if your plate is filled with fat bombs by your hostess, you don’t HAVE to eat everything. Put your plate down in another room and leave it.
  • Ask your partner for diet support
    Ask your partner to find something less fattening for you.

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