overeaters anonymous

Overeaters Anonymous

Overeaters Anonymous (OA) – Weight Support Group

OA is a 12-step weight support program, very similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, designed for people who consider themselves compulsive overeaters, who believe that they are powerless over food and that their lives are unmanageable. (Not all members are overweight; some suffer from other eating disorders such as bulimia.)

Overeaters Anonymous – Members & Meetings

Members are encouraged to turn their lives over to a “higher power” (be it a personal deity or the strength of the support group), to form a relationship with a “sponsor” (another OA member who provides one-on-one support), to give up “problem foods” permanently (as an alcoholic gives up alcohol), and to attend OA support meetings regularly (daily, weekly or monthly) for the rest of their lives.

Overeaters Anonymous – No Specific Weight Loss Diet Plan

OA does not promote any specific diet plan; members who are interested in better nutrition are urged to seek qualified professional advice. There are no dues or fees, although donations are welcome. As with AA, members’ anonymity is preserved; first names only are used during meetings.

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