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Buying weight loss drugs online from an Internet pharmacy can lead you to lose money rather than weight, if you are not careful. The online pharmacy may sell the weight loss drugs at the lowest price, and may stock the full range of appetite suppressants as well as long term anti-obesity drugs like Xenical, Meridia etc., but don’t expect the same level of service you get from your local drugstore. Also, as the name suggests, prescription only obesity drugs should not be sold without a medical prescription. The online pharmacy may not, legally speaking, be allowed to sell those weight loss drugs without having sight of a valid prescription.

Over the past 2 years there has been a noticeable reduction in online pharmacies selling weight-related medications. Whether this is due to a fall in demand for weight loss pharmaceuticals or legal action by local authorities is unclear.

Using pills to lose weight is very tempting, especially if you’ve tried and failed with traditional diet-related weight loss methods. Even so, it’s important to follow a healthy balanced diet when taking obesity pills. Otherwise you won’t develop the sort of eating habits that are needed for long term weight reduction.

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