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Olive Oil & Weight Loss, Calories in Virgin Olive Oil, Monounsaturated Oil, Mediterranean Diet

Olive Oil and Weight Loss


Is Olive Oil Good for Weight Loss?

I was asked this question on a weight loss forum, recently.

The answer is:

All oils, including olive oil, are 100% fat. They contain 9 calories per gram (120 calories/tbsp) which means they should be used sparingly if you want to lose weight.

Olive oil became popular as a result of the Mediterranean Diet which some experts believe is responsible for the low levels of heart disease in Mediterranean countries.

Although Olive oil is a healthy monounsaturated oil, it does not contain any essential fatty acids (EFAs). But it is a stable, health-enhancing oil that has stood the test of time.

When buying olive oil, always buy VIRGIN oil. This denotes it is unrefined.

Olive oil – contraindication

Although most research confirms the health benefits of olive oil, a recent study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology into the Mediterranean diet found that olive oil itself may not help reduce the risk of heart disease after all. Olive oil actually slowed down blood flow – a bad sign. But this effect was reduced if plenty of fruit and vegetables or fish had been eaten.

Olive oil and weight loss – conclusion

The Food Pyramid Dietary Guidelines recommend that for optimum health, all fats & oils should be eaten sparingly.

As long as your diet contains sufficient essential fatty acids (e.g. from oily fish), unrefined (virgin) olive oil is an excellent choice of oil.

BUT, if you want to lose weight, please note that from a calorie viewpoint, olive oil is no better and no worse than any other oil.

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