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Nutrition & Health

The main nutritional resources comprise (1) Macronutrients, like carbs, protein and fats. (2) Micronutrients, like vitamins and minerals. (3) Phytochemicals (compounds found in plants) that nutritionists believe may help to protect against serious disease. (4) Dietary fiber (both soluble and insoluble). Although this is not a nutrient, because we don’t actually “digest” it, indirectly fiber does provide a range of nutritional and digestive benefits which help to improve our eating habits and health.

As stated in the US Dietary Guidelines (2005), a healthy balanced diet is vital to promoting health and reducing the risk for death or disability due to chronic diseases such as heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, stroke, and osteoporosis. So important is the link between diet nutrition and health, that it has been estimated that dietary changes could reduce cancer deaths in the United States by as much as 35 percent.

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Healthy Diet Advice
Guide to Healthy dieting.

Diets For Special Conditions
Diet Plans for health complaints.

Diets For Womens Health
Diet plans for female health problems.

Food Digestion Guide
Explanation of how we digest fats, carbs and proteins.

Guide To Calories In Food
Advice about calorie content of food, calorie intake and calorie needs.

Cholesterol Lowering Diet
Diet plan to reduce raised serum cholesterol.

Low GI Diet
Diet plan based on Glycemic Index, with low GI foods.

Diet For High Blood Pressure
Diet plan to treat hypertension.

Fibromyalgia Diet Guide
Diet advice for FM sufferers. Arthritis, rheumatism diet.

Reviews Of Diets And Weight Loss Programs
Review of popular diet plans.

Obesity Diet Guide
Diet plan to reduce body mass index.

Guide To Obesity
Advice for mild, severe, morbid and super obese. Plus abdominal obesity help.

Cholesterol Diet Guide
Advice about high cholesterol levels and daily diet.

Diabetic Diet Guide
Dietary and nutritional information for diabetes patients.

Diet Plan For Men
Weight loss diet advice for male dieters.

Diet Foods
Guide to lower calorie healthy food.

Diet And Health Guide
How food benefits our health.

Guide To Diet And Protein
Advice about healthy proteins.

Dietary Fat Guide
Advice about healthy fats.

Carbs And Diet Information
Advice about carbohydrates in daily diet.
Guide to nutritional health and dietary supplements. Includes meal & nutrition calculators, vitamins, minerals, herbs etc.

Health Bulletin
The Truth About Health and Nutrition. New discoveries from medical science on the use of foods instead of drugs for health. No advertising.

Ostrim – America’s #1 Meat Stick Snack
Ostrim is the first sports nutrition, low fat, high-protein meat stick made from a combination of Ostrich, a highly nutritious red meat, and lean beef. It has high protein (13 grams), is 96% fat free (less than 1.5 grams) with zero carbs (under 3 grams) and less than 1 gram of sugar.

Tab-tote one-month pill organizer/dispensers
Tab-tote: Breakthrough pill organizing: Full month pill organizer combination instant dispenser for each intake of the day. The easiest time-saving method of daily compliance to your intake regimen. Compact, spill-proof, and vacation portable.