nutrition in cereals

UK Cereals, Nutrition & Fat

Non-nutritious cereals?

IF YOU think your breakfast cereal is full of natural goodness and fiber, you should look more carefully at the box.

According to new research by the UK Food Commission, a bowl of some cereals is similar in nutritional value to five chocolate chip cookies.

Many brands at the luxury end of the market were found to have high levels of sugar and saturated fat and low levels of fibre.

The cereal with the highest level of saturated fat was Quaker’s Harvest Crunch with red berries with 6g in a 50g bowl, excluding milk. It also contains 13g of sugar, 9g of fat, and just 2g of fibre.

In a number of cases, the cereals were nutritionally similar to eating chocolate sponge cake or biscuits.

In contrast, 50g, or five, of Sainsbury’s chocolate chip cookies had the same amount of saturated fat and fibre, slightly more fat, but less sugar.

The commission is worried consumers may be buying the cereals in the belief that they are a healthy way to start the day