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Nutrition Drinks
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Nutrition Drinks

The healthiest drink is pure water. Even this contains no nutrition, except for certain trace elements. Other healthy drinks include fruit juices (typically rich in vitamin C), fat-free milk (rich in calcium), or smoothies (usually containing a combination of fruit/vegetable juice and yogurt).

What about the so-called “health drinks” promoted as performance enhancers? These “nutritional drinks” are typically very high in sugar, to help replace lost energy after vigorous sports, and may contain some added micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). However, unless you incur a significant energy deficit by taking very vigorous exercise, these nutritional drinks are not likely to improve your health. Indeed, some obesity experts consider that overconsumption of these energy or sports drinks is a contributory factor in the rise of teenage obesity. Such ‘nutrition drinks’ are often nothing more than ’empty-calorie’ foods, meaning that they are high in energy but contain little if any nutritional value. For anyone seeking to reduce weight, these drinks are not a good way of using a restricted calorie-allowance.

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