Help! I Need Motivation
How to Stay Motivated When Dieting

You Need Motivation? Join the Club!

I need motivation to iron my husband’s shirts.
My husband needs motivation to do the dishes.
My dog needs motivation to do anything.

We all need motivation

Trouble is, no one else can really help us.
We have to find the motivation from within ourselves.

We have to want to lose weight
We have to get fired up

It’s no good sitting down and squeaking ‘I need to lose weight’ (sob).
We have to stand up and SHOUT IT!

I’M FED UP of being fat.We have to say:

I’m FED UP of covering up my thighs.
I’m FED UP of being laughed at.
I’m FED UP of being ignored.
I’m FED UP of feeling bad about myself.


I want to LOOK GOOD!
I want to FEEL GOOD!
I want OTHER PEOPLE to feel good about me!
I want to have FUN!

But shouting it isn’t enough either

We have to start ACTING as though we MEAN it.
We have to get OFF our butts and start making PLANS.
We have to STAND TALL and take ourselves SERIOUSLY.

No one else can do this for us

So get going, girls!
Stand tall and start taking yourself seriously.

NO MORE excuses.
NO MORE junk food.
NO MORE fad diets.
NO MORE fat person.

The moral?
First, get an attitude. Then get slim.