Menopause and Weight Loss

Menopause and Weight Loss

Two big causes of weight gain during menopause are:

  • Too many calories consumed.
  • Too few calories burned in exercise.

Menopause, Weight Loss and Calories

We eat more convenience foods, we eat richer foods and (most important) we typically maintain a similar calorie intake to when we were younger – even though our metabolic rate has slowed. These dietary habits can easily pile on the pounds!

Exercise is extremely important throughout a woman’s lifetime and particularly as she gets older. Regular exercise benefits the heart and bones, helps control weight, and contributes to a sense of overall well-being and improvement in mood.Menopause, Weight Loss and Exercise

One reason we gain weight during the menopause is because we typically take insufficient exercise.

Solution? Get active! While calories are important for weight control, too, exercise is the vital factor – both for weight control and good health.

Any weight loss exercise program should start slowly and build up to more strenuous activities. See your doctor before starting.