melanotan diet drug

Melanotan Diet & Weight Loss Pill

Melanotan Synthetic Hormone & Appetite Suppressant

A PILL that promises to make you slimmer, tanned and feel sexy – surely such dreams can’t become reality?

Scientists developing the so called ‘Barbie pill’ hope to answer the prayers of people worldwide, promising to transform fat, pasty bodies into slimmer, tanned, more attractive specimens.

The drug currently be developed in the US is a synthetic hormone called Melanotan and will be marketed as a wonder drug that works against a host of ailments.

Firstly it acts as an appetite suppressant tricking your body into eating less, secondly it works as a tanning agent, triggering the production of the melanin pigment that turn your skin brown. And thirdly, it stimulates physical appetite in both men and women by targeting receptors in the hypothalamus. It has also been linked with helping to combat diabetes, reducing inflamation and cure acne. It is likely to come onto the market only in a couple of years.