Meat Lovers Guide

The meat industry says it’s wonderful.
Vegetarians say it’s sinful.
What do I say?
I say follow my 8-point Meat Lovers Guide.
It’s a great way to eat meat and stay slim.

1. Don’t let meat DOMINATE your meal

The more variety on your plate, the better. Yes, meat is delicious but so are lots of other things. So don’t let meat dominate your meals. Eat plenty of vegetables and a reasonable helping of potatoes, rice, pasta or noodles. Enjoy a variety of food.

2. How much meat should you eat?
No more than 4oz (100g) per day. (About the size of a deck of cards.) This is the advice of most cancer experts, and they have lots of nasty statistics to prove it. There is very little danger of eating insufficient protein, these days, so go easy on meat.

3. What sort of meat is best?
The lower fat sort. Avoid heart-stoppers like burgers, rashers, sausages, fatty roasts, spare ribs, chops and ordinary ground beef (mince). Instead, switch to fish, turkey, chicken, pork steak and very lean beef cuts.

4. Whatever meat you choose, remember to cut off all visible fat.
I really do mean ALL of it. Why? Because it’s deadly. The same goes for chicken skin. Yes I know it’s delicious, but it clogs your heart and gives you a fat neck. So don’t eat it and don’t feed it to your kids, either.

5. It’s not just what you eat that counts, it’s how you cook it.
Don’t fry. Instead, broil (grill), bake, or boil. A good start is to cook more stews and casseroles. Use chicken fillets or lean meat, with plenty of potatoes, vegetables and beans.

6. Whatever you do, don’t add fat to your meat.
For example, avoid sausage rolls and meat pies. Why? Because they’re just fatty meat wrapped in high fat pastry. They’re nothing but fat-bombs! The same goes for deep-fried chicken wings and cheese-fries. Eating these foods is like having a bad one night stand. You feel awful and you wonder what on earth made you do it!

7. Make your own burgers.
Here’s a quick recipe.

Buy a pound of steak from your butcher/ meat-counter. Ask him to trim it of all fat and then grind/mince it for you. Take it home and use your fingers to mix it with diced onion, a cup of breadcrumbs soaked in a little milk, lemon juice and spices. Shape the mixture into 4 large burgers and chill. Cook under hot grill for 8-10 minutes per side. Serve on burger bun with oven chips and a bucket of salad. It’s delicious, fun to eat and half the fat of the usual burgers.

8. Change your meat-eating habits and change your life. 
In particular, avoid the heart-stoppers and the fat bombs and switch to lower fat cuts instead. Yes, this means you may have to make a few changes to your diet, but in return you’ll lose weight, feel better and live longer. Now isn’t that worth making a few changes for?

If you eat a lot of red meat, please see Heart Facts