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Meat for Easier Weight Control

Meat for Easier Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight, think of meat like this:

  • Meat Which Clog Ups Your Arteries and Enlarges Your Thighs
    Includes: burgers, sausages, salami, pate, chops, ordinary ground beef (mince), chicken-skin, fatty roasts, frankfurters. If you want to lose weight, this fattening meat should be eaten very sparingly.
  • Meat Which May Increase Your Weight
    Includes: ground steak, regular bacon, roast beef/lamb (without fat), any fried meat. If you have a weight problem, you should limit your consumption of this meat to about 3oz, twice a week.
  • Meat Which May Help You Lose Weight
    Includes: turkey breast, chicken breast, very lean pork, very lean beef steak, turkey bacon, Canadian bacon. If you eat about 5oz/100g max. of this meat, per day, you get all the benefits of meat without much fat. And in practice, you should lose weight.

However, FISH is even better for health, diet nutrition and weight loss.

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