meat fat pork chops

Meat Fat Demonstration

Weight Loss Demonstration About Meat

One of the regular demonstrations I give in my weight loss clinics, illustrates the calorie-content of meat fat in pork chops.

Let me explain and maybe you can try it at home.

Weight Loss Demo

Step 1. Open refrigerator. Pull out a 6 ounce pork chop.
Step 2. Using sharp knife, trim pork chop of ALL fat.
Step 3. Place pile of discarded fat on scales. It should weigh about 2 oz.

The Weight Loss Message

  • 2 ounces of fat contains more than 450 calories.
  • It contains more fat than 3 bars of candy/chocolate.
  • It contains more calories than the remaining 4oz of lean pork chop.

Step 4. Hold the fat in your left hand and ask yourself this question.

Do you REALLY want to clog up your arteries and fatten up your thighs with this handful of fatty junk?

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