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Energy & Fat in Mayonnaise

Fat and Calorie Content of Mayo

  • Mayo contains about 80 per cent fat.
  • 1 tbsp contains about 12 grams of fat and 110 calories.

Time Taken to Burn Off the Calories in 1 Tablespoon of Mayo

  • Aerobics (active) – 14 minutes
  • Golf with trolley – 36 minutes
  • Dancing energetic 16 minutes
  • Jogging 5mph – 13 minutes
  • Swimming steadily – 13 minutes
  • Walking 3mph – 22 minutes

Note: These figures are approximate. They are based on a 150 pound woman.

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Mayo & Weight Loss

The calorie and fat content of regular mayo is too high for most dieters. A sensible daily fat quota for a 1200 calorie diet is about 30g/day.

So 1 tbsp mayo used up about 40 per cent of your fat allowance.

If you adore mayo but want to lose weight, choose a low fat variety.
But go easy.

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