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Pictures of Members Who Have Lost Weight

Jessica, aged 24, has lost a total of 163 pounds
of which 140 pounds were lost using our
No-Nonsense Balanced Diet.

Read What Jessica Says

“Tthis world can be such a cruel place for those of us who are overweight. Unfortunately lots of people judge you by your looks and not by your character. High school was a nightmare and no boy would give me even the time of day.”

“My last recorded weight was at 298 lbs (have doctor’s weigh-in record to prove it) on my 5 4′ frame. I was pretty good at ignoring people’s comments but in all honesty it tore me apart emotionally. Lacking my family’s support to lose weight, I decided to move far away and ended up in Puerto Rico where I lost a lot of weight. Of course, not everything was that simple. I had to learn how to keep the weight off for good. I also knew I wanted to lose more weight but during that time I got married and moved back to the States. Despite my efforts, I started to slowly go back to my old habits and sure enough the weight started to creep back on. I refused to let it continue so I began searching the Internet for a healthy weight loss program and found Anne Collins wonderful site.”

“I joined Anne’s diet program and found more than I was expecting. I fell in love with the amazing support of the other members, talking to real women, and being able to private message or email Anne at anytime and know SHE would respond. The best part is that I have learned so much about nutrition and how to maintain my weight. I look forward to “weigh-in day” each week because of the personalized response from Anne.”

“If you are ready to fight the weight loss battle and taste a piece of success….. Anne Collins program is where you need to be!”