luncheon meat diet

Luncheon Meat – Calorie Savings
How to Save Food Calories and Lose Weight By Eating Lower-Calorie Cold Meats and Cuts

Calorie Savings – Luncheon Meat

Choosing the right cold meat is vital if you want to lose weight.

Remember: losing weight means controlling calories. We need to reduce our calories-intake until it is lower than our calorie-expenditure.

Calories – Luncheon Meat

  • 3oz spiced luncheon meat w/chicken contains 280 calories.
  • Once a week, that’s 14,560 calories, per year

Better Calorie-Choice – Smoked Chicken

  • 2 oz deli-thin smoked chicken contains 90 calories.
  • That’s 4,680 calories per year.

Calorie Saving

If you substitute smoked chicken (or ham) for luncheon meat in this way, you save 9,880 calories, per year.

Weight Loss Consequences of this Calorie Saving

9,880 calories per year is the equivalent of 2.8 pounds of weight.