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Low Carb Dieting
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Low Carb Dieting

Low carb diets, such as Atkins DietSouth Beach Diet and the Zone Diet, have now been largely superceded by the GI Diet Method. The latter was originally designed to help diabetics improve their blood sugar levels. GI diets restrict dieters to carbohydrates in foods with a low or intermediate GI value. Unlike Atkins diet which restricts quantity of diet carbs, GI Diets tend to restrict quality or type of carbs. Nutritionists and dietitians favor the use of low-GI diet programs for two reasons. First, by including only those carbohydrate foods with a low/intermediate GI value, it helps dieters to avoid ‘sugar spikes’ and to maintain stable blood glucose levels. (Raised blood sugar or hyperglycemia is associated with insulin insensitivity). Second, it still permits dieters to enjoy a full range of healthy carbs and benefit from their high nutritional value.

We offer both a healthy low carb diet plan and a low GI diet plan. Our low carb diet is not as restrictive as traditional low carb diets, while our low GI plan includes ultra healthy fats and protein as well as low GI-value carbohydrate. Join our weight loss diet program today and try them BOTH!

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