Lose Fat Not Water Weight

Weight Loss – Is it Fat or Just Water?

About 25 percent of all weight loss is water. However, some diets and diet supplements claim to offer weight loss of 20 pounds or more, per week! But the truth is, these products are only offering WATER loss, not fat loss. And water loss is regained almost immediately.

The most FAT loss that the average body can sustain is about 2-3 pounds per week. The rest will be either water loss or a combination of muscle and water weight.

Exercise increases the number of calories burned and (by improving your body’s muscle-to-fat ratio) raises your metabolic rate thus making it easier to keep the weight off. So avoid any weight loss diet or supplement that offers “weight loss without the need to exercise.” Such weight loss plans won’t help you to control your weight in the future.Exercise Boosts Fat Loss

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