Lose Body Fat

How to Lose Body Fat

Losing body fat isn’t difficult but it doesn’t happen overnight. So ignore all the weight loss ads for “fat-burners” that claim you can reduce fat instantly, without effort! Such fat-loss claims are pure fantasy.

Losing Body Fat is Different from Losing ‘Weight’

Note: losing fat is different from losing ‘weight’, because when we lose weight part of the weight loss is water and part is muscle. We’re talking strictly fat-loss.

Best Way to Reduce Body Fat

  • Aim to lose a maximum of 1 pound of body fat per week.
  • Follow a low-fat diet (about 25 percent calories from fat), with plenty of fruit and veg and regular helpings of complex carbs, like whole wheat bread, oats, pasta, brown rice. Choose lower-fat meat and dairy foods where possible. Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day.
  • Combine this diet with regular exercise. Mix aerobic exercise with regular weight/strength-training to raise your metabolic rate and boost your lean body mass.
  • Take your body measurements before to start on your fat-reduction plan. Some weeks you may not lose weight, but you will lose fat, so monitoring your thighs and upper arms will boost your fat-loss motivation!