lose 2 pounds week

Lose 2 Pounds of Body Weight a Week

Lose 2 Pounds a Week

Fast weight loss doesn’t really exist.
It’s a fantasy created by the weight loss industry.

You can lose water-weight quite fast.
But you can’t lose fat quickly.

Body Not Interested in Weight Loss

Point is, your basic body chemistry is at least one million years old.
It’s not interested in weight loss or reducing fat.

On the contrary, it will do almost anything to prevent loss of body weight. Because body weight and body fat is the body’s source of
fuel for survival.

Even if you try to starve yourself slim, your body will simply slow down your metabolism in order to conserve energy. Result? Weight loss slows down and may even stop altogether.

Slow Steady Weight Loss is Best

Lasting weight loss means improving your eating habits. This takes time. No one changes their eating habits overnight. This is another reason why fast weight loss is usually followed by fast weight gain – it doesn’t allow us enough time to develop good eating habits. By contrast, slow steady weight loss is good for our body AND good for our mental adjustment to new eating habits.

For Lasting Weight Loss

  • Be content to lose 2 pounds per week.
  • According to most experts, this is the optimum rate of weight loss.
  • REMEMBER: Losing 2 pounds a week adds up to 104 pounds a year.
  • Question: Do you have a problem with losing 104 pounds a year?

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