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Laughter Helps to Lose Weight

Laughter and Weight

When we get very overweight, we lose our sense of humor.
We get fed up easily. We may even get depressed.

Perefectly understandable. After all, it’s not easy to feel happy when you’re carrying a load of excess weight on your body.

Laughter Helps Weight Loss

There are several psycho-babble-type studies which suggest that people who laugh, lose weight more easily than those who don’t.

Let’s not argue with these weight loss recommendations.
Let’s start laughing.

One night, stick a potato up the exhaust pipe of your neighbor’s car.

The following morning, watch him leave home.

You’ll be laughing all day!

(Hey! Only kidding!! Honest!)

Note: If you have any other suggestions for how laughter can help weight loss, let me know! I think probably we all take size and shape too seriously – we need a laugh!

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