is bread fattening

Is Bread Fattening?

Is Bread Fattening?

No. Bread is NOT fattening.
Bread is one of the ESSENTIAL FOODS in a healthy weight loss plan.

Bread Doesn’t Make us Overweight

In 24 years of helping men, women and teenagers to lose weight, I have never met one single dieter who was overweight because they ate too much bread!

Truth is, no one gets fat by eating too much bread or too many potatoes. These foods are wonderful for weight loss. They satisfy our appetite and keep us full for longer. It’s only when we add FAT to them that they become fattening.

Make Bread Part of Your Diet

  • Start eating regular bread and potatoes.
  • Choose whole wheat or wholegrain bread.
  • Choose baked/boiled potatoes, not fries.
  • If you must add fat, add a LITTLE.

Next time someone tells you bread is fattening or bad for dieters, put a banana in your ear and squawk. It makes more sense than saying that bread is bad for weight loss.

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