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Hypnosis to Lose Weight
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Hypnosis to Lose Weight

Hypnosis to achieve weight loss can be an effective alternative therapy for certain dieters who need extra motivation to control their calorie intake. Hypnosis therapy helps patients to reduce weight through the use of suggestions and associations which act on the subconscious mind. To achieve this, hypnotists guide patients into a hypnotic trance, during which suggestions are “implanted” in the subconscious. When the patient wakes up, he/she may find that these suggestions cause a change in eating habits, leading to a reduction in weight. Unfortunately, as bariatric surgery proves, engrained eating habits are difficult to modify. Obese patients in particular may find it difficult to change their dietary habits for long. So while hypnosis remains a valid alternative to traditional weight loss methods, it is no guaranteed solution for long term weight control.

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