How to Lose Weight by Cutting Calories

How to Lose Weight by Cutting Calories

If you want to cut calories, start with fat (9 calories/gram) and sugar (4 calories/gram but completely non-nutritious).

Aim to eat foods containing less fat and less sugar. Also, increase your daily exercise level. This will attack the problem from two ends: you’ll cut calories-in and increase calories-out.

Diet pills won’t help you to lose weight because they are not effective in helping you to reduce calories long-term or exercise more.

Lose Weight and Cut Calories by Eliminating a Bad Weekly Habit

A cinnamon nut roll contains 165 calories.
It is not an ideal food if you want to lose weight.

By NOT eating a cinnamon nut roll, once a week, you reduce your calorie intake by about 8,580 calories, per year.

In body weight terms, this is equal to about 2.5 pounds of weight.

An Easy Weight Loss Diet to Help You Lose Weight

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