how to assess weight loss program

How To Assess A Weight Loss Program

The Problem

For thousands, if not millions, of women, losing weight has become a major personal issue. The industry has responded by producing thousands of different diets, pills or other weight reduction therapies – many of which are fraudulent or downright dangerous to health. In America, the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and other bodies, do their best to monitor product safety but problems and uncertainties remain.

One real problem is the growth in the number of “doctor-designed” diet plans which – because they are designed by a health professional – should be above reproach. Sadly, I have come across many of these so-called “medically-approved” diets that I wouldn’t recommend to any dieter. In addition, other diets are designed by PhD holders who then trumpet their title of ‘Doctor’ across the cover, implying they hold a medical qualification which thus guarantees the healthy nature of their weight loss program.

While the qualifications of the author of a diet book are no longer sufficient to guarantee its reliability, the same applies to its sales figures. Not only because the diet in question may be a “fashion item” (witness the incredible popularity of the Atkins Diet, which then slumped when low carb diets stopped being fashionable, leaving no discernible dent in obesity figures), but also because TV advertising has such an influence on spending habits.

The Solution

So how do you assess a diet program? How can you separate the nonsense-diets from those that might help you to lose weight?

The answer is: Check its support program!

Why? Because no diet that simply tells you what to eat is likely to be as helpful as one that gives you proper support to overcome day-to-day problems.

Let’s be honest, dieting isn’t problem-free! It may be relatively easy on Day 1 or Week 1, but pretty soon it gets tough. And unless your weight loss program offers you ongoing help and encouragement, chances are you’re going to fail.

What sort of support am I talking about?

At the very least, an email helpline manned by real people who will respond within hours not days to your diet queries. But a good weight loss program will go further and provide an online community forum.

Why is a weight loss forum so important? Because it gives dieters the opportunity of seeking advice from others just like themselves – people who have lost weight on the program and can offer down-to-earth advice about how to overcome the dozens of problems that most dieters face.