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Herbalife are a total wellness company offering weight-loss, nutritional and personal-care products. Their products are sold via independent Herbalife distributors in more than 57 countries worldwide, and are supposed to have helped millions to achieve their ideal weight. Herbalife say they place a top priority on providing high-quality, safe and effective weight loss and nutritional products. They say that they work closely with their Scientific and Medical Advisory Boards, a team of distinguished doctors, scientists and nutritional experts.

Herbalife sells a variety of weight management programs. Typically, they include a protein drink substituted for two meals each day, together with multivitamins and herbal supplements. They recommend one balanced meal each day, and a total intake of at least 1,000 calories per day. Although there are different weight loss plans you can follow.

Although their health and safety record isn’t perfect, it’s not easy to find fault with a company that sells $1 billion worth of weight loss and nutrition products across the world. So if you have tried and failed to lose weight with conventional weight loss diets, you may wish to give them a try.

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