help for super obese dieters

Helpful Ideas For Super Obese Patients

Tips For Super-Obese Patients (Part 3)

First, go onto the Internet and join a forum for very obese people like yourself. Ask other members for advice and tips. I guarantee you’ll get tons of ideas and more encouragement than you thought possible. Remember, these people are just like you. They understand what you’re going through, and because they’re making the same kind of journey, they’ll give you some great advice.

Question: Won’t this be expensive?

Answer: Not necessarily. Membership to my weight loss forum is free when you join my diet program, and the whole thing costs $20 a year.

Question: $20? That’s nothing! I eat more than $20 worth of food in a single breakfast. Okay, what’s next?

Answer: Next, you need to help people.

Question: Help people? What are you talking about? I thought I was the one that needed help?

Answer: That’s quite true. And that’s exactly why I suggest you help others. Because when we help others, you feel better about ourselves. Also, it’s another way of connecting with people. If necessary, phone a local charity and offer your services. Or call your local church. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re helping others.

Question: Anything else?

Answer: Yes. There are lots of other things. We haven’t even begun to deal with the emotional reasons that caused you to become obese in the first place. But in my opinion this is something you should pursue with a counselor.

Question: Is that really necessary?

Answer: Definitely. No one needs a reason to get to 300 pounds or so, but your obesity condition is particularly severe. I mean, you don’t gain 450 pounds in weight for no reason. And whatever issues lie behind this have caused you to develop an extremely unbalanced relationship with food. Unless you seek help, I doubt that you’ll ever succeed in achieving a normal weight.

Question: How can I find a counselor?

Answer: Talk to your doctor. He or she should be able to recommend someone. But don’t delay. The sooner you get help, the easier your journey will be.

Question: That’s the second time you’ve used the word ‘journey’. You make it sound like I’m going on a trip!

Answer: You are! Anyone who has 80 pounds or more to lose, is starting on a journey lasting a year or more. And like any journey, you need to make arrangements for it.

Question: Arrangements?

Answer: Yes. In your case, losing 450 pounds is going to take you at least 3 years. That’s a long time to be following a diet. Not only do you need to make mental space for it, you need to involve others. You need to talk things over with your partner and family. Because without their support, you’ll find things much more difficult. Your counselor will be able to explain this more fully.

Question: But you still think I can do it, right?

Answer: If you connect with people, and seek professional help, I have absolutely no doubt you can. But be prepared for a long haul.

Question: Do you have a final tip for me? Something to think about?

Answer: Just one. Always be prepared to “bounce back”.

Question: Bounce back? What do you mean?

Answer: All dieters, no matter how much or how little they weigh, experience bad days, bad weeks, even bad months. It’s inevitable. And when these hiccups occur it’s vital to be able to bounce back – to go back on your diet plan and continue as before. This ability to bounce back is probably the single most important attribute for anyone wishing to reduce weight.